Quotes from Binti/Mama Participants:
- “I’m only 15 years old, but when I go home to my village even some of the elders come to me with questions, about HIV especially. Suddenly, I’m an authority. I am so honored.”- Binti/Mama participant
- “These subjects about early pregnancies, rape, and other acts of violence, we have never before even dared to speak out loud about this. But now, gradually, I will have confidence.”- Binti/Mama participant
- “My father divided land equally between both girls and boys in my family. My brothers thought this was wrong; I felt the same. But when Mwangaza taught us information regarding land issues, I learned I also had rights to claim land.”- Binti/Mama participant

Quotes from Binti/Mama Volunteers:
- “Binti/Mama participants have said that Mwangaza training has empowered them to speak out on important issues. They celebrate new understandings related to women’s life cycle, rape, violence against women, family planning, and gender awareness. Resulting from all this, women have noted positive changes within the family, work and equity within the household, as well as legal issues, especially regarding inheritance.”- Jim Talarico