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“Mwangaza has changed my way of teaching from a teacher who dominates a classroom to a teacher who is more a learning partner. Mwangaza’s seminars are more challenging since they show us how to make a teaching plan even in the absence of adequate teaching materials. Mwangaza has tested me emotionally, mentally, and physically, having helped me acquire skills that I will have forever which no one will be able to take away from me. I am proud to say that I have grown to be a better teacher than in past years because of these Mwangaza Seminars.”
-Mwangaza Participant

Your financial contributions will be used to directly fund the Mwangaza programs which foster a deep understanding of educational strategies, HIV/AIDS, and women empowerment. 74 cents of every dollar you donate goes toward our programs.

See what your donation can do for Mwangaza:
- $6,250 hosts one, 7 day Mwangaza seminar for 25 people
- $600 funds textbooks for an entire class
- $60 purchases the development of mini-books for one class
- $50 purchases one Sheltered Instruction text for a teacher
- $15 purchases one government teacher syllabus
- $10 puts one textbook in the hands of a secondary student
- $7 prints one Mwangaza Resource Book for Teachers