“I’m only 15 years old, but when I go home to my village even some of the elders come to me with questions, about HIV especially. Suddenly, I’m an authority. I am so honored.”- Participant


Education - John Kavishe

After attending a three-year teacher college, John Kavishe taught for more than ten years with no encouragement or direction from the school administration or any form of professional development. He went straight from being behind the desk to standing in front of it with no resources to turn to for support. He felt lost because his students were not succeeding as he had always hoped they would. “Most of my colleagues were encouraging me to quit,” he remembered. 


Education - Elidaima F. Mbise

Before I heard of Mwangaza in 1998, I lectured and students listened. I thought I was the source of all knowledge. I have come to know that teachers and students are all learners, that we are learning from each other


Education - Japhet Piniel

When the Form 1 students at Ngateu Secondary School were given an English language assessment, not one of them scored above 60 percent. Still, the students are lucky, because they have Mr. Japhet Piniel on their side. “English is a struggle for my students, but I can’t accept failure. I just have to keep trying,” he said.


Education - Marieth Mlay

“I am not discouraged by my students’ lack of English skills as much as I am challenged by it,” Marieth said of the 86 percent of students who failed the English language assessment at her school. Marieth has over thirty years of teaching under her belt, but that isn’t what makes her special.


Education - Stephen Mattowo

Stephen Mattowo is a devout Lutheran who has devoted years to teaching mathematics in the Lutheran schools system. He attributes his strong to his family’s connection to some of the early German Lutheran missionaries. The story begins in the 1800’s with Stephen’s grandfather.


Dr. Shoonie Hartwig, Roseville, MN

“Ten years of integrating HIV/AIDs information into all our programs has challenged our understanding of ‘life skills’: how to break the silence of stigma and abuse, how to promote advocacy for the vulnerable, and how to initiate conflict resolution are questions that require creative and innovative processes.”-


John Kavishe, Mwangaza Director

“It was exciting to see how the students were more engaged in discussion and participating in answering questions because of these books. The topic of drugs and drug abuse as well as the process of setting goals as a way of thinking about the future were new for many students!”